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How to clean a 1911

To clean a 1911 handgun, you will need the following materials:

  • A cleaning rod with a patch holder or jag
  • Cleaning patches
  • Gun solvent
  • Gun oil
  • A toothbrush or other small cleaning brush
  • Q-tips

Once you have gathered your materials, follow these steps to clean your 1911:

  1. Make sure the gun is unloaded and remove the magazine.
  2. Lock the slide back and inspect the chamber to ensure it is empty.
  3. Apply gun solvent to a cleaning patch and use it to clean the barrel and chamber.
  4. Use the toothbrush or other brush to scrub the barrel and chamber, paying special attention to the rifling.
  5. Use Q-tips to clean the inside of the slide and frame.
  6. Wipe the gun down with a dry patch to remove any excess solvent.
  7. Apply a small amount of gun oil to a clean patch and use it to lubricate the barrel, slide, and any other moving parts.
  8. Reassemble the gun.

It is important to clean your 1911 regularly to ensure that it is functioning properly and to prevent fouling or other issues. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and lubrication, as different guns may have specific requirements.