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Do Glocks have a safety?

The Glock pistol is a semi-automatic firearm equipped with a trigger safety mechanism to prevent unintended discharge. When the safety is engaged, a tab rests against the trigger to prevent movement. To use the firearm, the user must move the tab so that it is flush with the trigger, disengaging the safety. It is recommended to store the Glock in a locked, secure location separate from its ammunition, and to handle the firearm responsibly by treating it as if it were loaded, keeping it pointed in a safe direction, and avoiding placing the finger on the trigger unless intending to fire. Regular cleaning is also advised to ensure proper functioning. In addition, it is important to refrain from handling the Glock while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Overall, the safety of the user and those around them should be the top priority when owning and using a Glock pistol.